I Am Back And Inviting Writers

Lee Stone

Having just returned from visiting my brother, who is doing quite well considering the operation he went through, I am ready to start reading all the comments you have put on my site. I want to thank all you for being so patient with me and so I have decided to add the following to my blog.

As I have received so many comments where people would like to be a writer for my blog or would like to be able to do more than just comment, I have come up with another idea.

I would like those who think that they have something to add for the good of humanity and to help teach others that there is more information out there then they think.  You should send to me leestone1939@gmail.com, a copy of the article you would like to have included on my site.

I do have a number of restrictions:

  1. It should be educational to the world.
  2. It should not include any swear words.
  3. It should not be an advertisement for another site or product.
  4. It should not be for or against any religion.
  5. It should not be for or against any country in particular.
  6. It should not be for or against any person or group.
  7. You need a valid e-mail as I will send a check e-mail so that no junk is included.
  8. Include your “nom-de-plum” and real name. I will only add the name you want.
  9. Include where you are writing from. (will only be included if you want it included.)
If you think you can live with my limitations, please send me a copy of what you would like to display. If your e-mail is not validated, your article will not be included. If you do not stay within the restriction above, your article will not be included. All of the articles will be on a separate page within my blog titled: “Guest Articles”.
If you have a picture or pictures you would like to include with your article, please send them as png if you require a high-definition view, other wise a jpg/jpeg. The picture/pictures should be such that it/they add to the article you are writing about.
As this is a new idea, I have no clue as to what it will turn out to be, but my first idea is to only add one a day, as long as possible, and then if there are not too many, include them as they come in.
So all you actual/potential writers send me your article and I hope that we will be able to include it as one of the “Guest Articles”.
Thank you for your ideas. Lee Stone 1939.
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Why I am taking so long to answer

I am sorry that it is taking so long to answer or update, but I am now in the US as my brother has problems with his kidneys. One has one spot, which they removed last week, and the other has three spots and they will just remove it in about 6 weeks.

So I am limited to the computers I use and when, so I am getting behind, and I appoligize for that. I hope you do accept my situation and will pardon me. It’s not that I don’t want to write as I have come up with a few new ideas from other people while traveling across the US.

Bear with me and I will add something ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Keep watching and good luck to everyone. Lee Stone

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Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

Protesters clash with riot police on November ...

Image via Wikipedia

After watching what was happening for a number of days, first in London and then in other English cities, I was amazed at what the young men (were there girls too?) were doing to property belonging to other people who had nothing to do which started the riots. I do not know the circumstances in which the 26-year-old man was killed, but I do believe that if the shooting was justified or not, it really is no reason to riot. If a riot started every time someone was killed, then why don’t they riot when a bystander or a robbery victim is killed.

They should help the police catch those that do wrong instead of rioting just to complain against the law. They do this, I think, because they have no regard for the law. And why don’t they have any regard for the law. It all starts at home. Point of fact; when they interviewed one of the rioters about why he was rioting, he said “Because I can.” Then they asked him if his parents knew that he was out rioting and he said, “Sure. They don’t care what I do.” This is one of the major reasons that there is so much violence with the young people. They do it because they can and none of their elders seem to care.

The title of this blog is an old saying that I learned as a boy from my elders in the city in which I lived. At first I didn’t really understand what was being said, but as I began to grow older and looked around, I began to deduce just what was meant by those words. It’s not that you have to beat your child, but there are times when punishment is in order. I know that there are a lot of people out there, including some parents who would disagree with me but that is what makes the world so different. We can differ with each other without having to go to blows. If a child does not stop when you say No!, just by threating to punish them, what do you do? I have seen too many parents who just keep saying no, no, no, no, no, no, and they keep on doing what they want because they know they will not be “punished”. So they grow up thinking they can do anything they want, because people only say NO. Punishment is a big joke.

What is happening is that all the parents are waiting for the authorities to control their children, as long as they don’t hurt them. The London police decided (a little late I think) that they needed to be more forceful. And what did the parents do? They complained because their little Johnny was being arrested for destroying property and stealing. Their little Johnny wouldn’t ever do anything wrong. Would he?

I am not advocating using a stick or belt or piece of wood or iron. I am against striking a child on the head or body, but sometimes they need to be lifted (a slight distance) from the floor by being spanked on their behind to let them know that YOU are the boss and not them. Maybe then there would be less violence in the streets if parents used better control over their children. That someone can call the police and have you arrested for controlling your child is beyond my scope of imagination.

I call the people who think so are a product of the Spock Syndrom. I am not talking about the Dr. Spock on the TV series Star Trek, but the Dr. Spock who wrote the book that said that you should not hit your child to control him. Hitting him or her would make a psychological impact on them where they would not be able to perform correctly in public. Dr. Spock later said, just before dying, that his book that he wrote was all wrong and that his idea about punishment was counter to good law and order.

Where do you stand on such an idea? Are you for or against punishment (slight) to children who misbehave and act like monsters in stores and on the street because they know their parents will not do anything. If they do, they (the child) can call the police and have his parents put in jail for child abuse. But who is supposed to punish the child if he kills another human being. His parents can’t. His guardians can’t. Only the law can and then the lawyers blame society for being the bogey man when they want to do justice.

I have heard in my travels that at one time anyone who robbed a store or another person with a weapon, was guilty of 1st degree murder. The reasoning was that if they went with the weapon they were ready to kill someone to get what they wanted. Ergo: 1st degree murder. Maybe we are getting too soft with criminals in thinking about their civil rights, but what did the criminal do with the victims civil rights? And what does the court think about it? Couldn’t they at least protect the victim and his civil rights?

Please, please let me know what you think and maybe we could start something to change the way in which the law thinks about victims. Lee Stone.

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Answers To Posts On My Blogs

Praia da Marinha (English: Beach of the Navy) ...

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I have to say first that I am extremely happy with 99% of the just about 5000 posts. They have been positive in my attempts to help other learn more each day. But I need to answer the most common questions asked by readers.

1st: This is all written by me (Lee Stone) with no help from anyone else. All of these blogs have been (as I stated in my ideas) something that has interested or bothered me for a long time. A few have been from what I hear in the news from around the world. What I hear from my friends and what peaked my interest in some of the e-mails I have received.

2nd: This is a Word Press theme (Twenty Ten) that I have changed the picture on some of the pages to reflect the idea that is carried on the page. I have used a few of the widgets that “Twenty Ten” has included in its formats. All of this for a grand price of 0.00. Word press has a number of themes that you can use. It’s all up to you to figure out what would be best for your blog or site. It can be uploaded to a server of your choice if you want, but word press doesn’t charge anything. They have a few rules that you have to follow, so read them first before you think you can make money off your site.

3rd: I allow others to copy portions of my blogs, as long as they give me credit for them and a link back to my site.

4th: I would like to ex-change remarks with others, but I am not an expert (or knowledgeable) on how to accomplish this. If you have something for me to include, contact me at: leestone1939@gmail.com.

5th: I started this blog in December 2010 and had no prior experience in blogging, so if it doesn’t fit your idea as to what is or what is not included, you have only me to blame.

6th: All of the links worked at the time that I wrote the article. If they are no longer there it is not my fault.

7th: Whether or not it load correctly on your machine I can do nothing about. It is your net server working with your browser.

8th: My e-mail tells you how old I am: 1939. I am a high school graduate, completed two years of college in my last 4 years (of 20) in the USAF. Upon retiring from the AF I moved to the Netherlands and became a computer programmer. In December 1998 I had a complete nervous breakdown, retired from computers and moved to the Algarve in Southern Portugal where I am now living an enjoying the sun and sand.

If you would like to know  to know more, wait as I am starting my life history under My History/My Book?/State of Existence/Part I/II/III/IV. I will be adding to each part a number of chapters that will only be a short summary of what I intend to include in it as my idea is to (when I finish) publish my book.

Hoping that these comments have helped you to understand what I am doing and why. Thanks to all of you for your comments. LS(1939)

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A Parents Love

Group of children in a primary school in Paris

Image via Wikipedia

I saw this on a response from a good friend on Facebook and I just had to include it in my site. These words say so much about how we love our children, even when they are not on their best behavior.

My promise to my children and grandchildren. I am NOT your friend. I am your PARENT. I will stalk you, flip out on you, lecture you, drive you insane, be your worst nightmare, and hunt you down like a bloodhound when needed because I LOVE YOU~!! When you understand that, I will know you are a responsible adult. You will NEVER find someone who loves, prays, cares and worries about you more than I do.

Each one of us must get this message to our children to show them that no matter what, we love them. I now have 2 grandchildren and I will have to send this to my son’s so that they can give it to their children.

This is also how we should think about all children no matter whose child they are or where in the world they are. They all need to know that we love them and that showing love to children, and to parents. Probably the one’s that really need to know that someone loves them are all the children who are in orphanages and those who are being used by others. This includes all people who are being used as slaves in factories and women being used for sex, only to make money for the people who think they own them.

How is it possible in this time period for so many to be used for illegal purposes. It has been going on for centuries, most of the time by the conquerors and the rich and powerful (politicians) who could make the laws to suit themselves. I would hope that every one of these slave owners would become a slave themselves so that they know what it is like not to be loved by others.

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Laws And Understanding

Slave transport in Africa, depicted in a 19th-...

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There are three (3) major areas of law. The first has to do with being a human or Human Rights. We are for the most lucky that more and more countries have committed themselves to supporting these basic rights. There are still countries who are members of the UN and as such have signed an agreement to support these basic rights. But the difference between signing the agreement and supporting the agreement fully are two different things. So many countries have through their leaders and/or religions have demonstrated an absolute disregard for these basic rights. Not only for their own country, but also for those who don’t believe in their ideas as to what should and should not be the way to treat all people.

Then there are also people and organizations who completely disregard these rights by dealing in slave labor, human slavery for sex and work by transporting these people of all ages and sex over borders thereby disregarding the second law, the International Law. These persons and groups think that they are above all laws by dealing in this slave traffic. There is a number of organizations and people who are working to shed more light on this problem, but it takes the help of all people to make slavery not only illegal but no longer a problem. We all need to be aware of our areas and notify the proper authorities of things we think or feel are wrong. Most law enforcement offices would rather have a wrong tip then no tips at all, because there just might be the real gem that will help them stop this totally illegal practice.

The last type of law is one that so far has only been usable by those who have sent satellites and cosmonauts/astronauts into space. This sounds like it is easy but this is probably the most important for all our future space dealings. And already these space lawyers have not been able to agree on one of the basic things, where does space begin. This sounds to me like all laws and that all lawyers cannot agree to that which should be a simple subject. Most of the time their problem is that they write everything in legalizee: a legal language that only lawyers are supposed to understand but can’t, so why don’t they write in plain language that can be easily translated/interpreted to another language.

I learned in the military that too many people were trying to write their reports in “militarizee” until the top brass sent down orders that all reports and orders were to be written in plain English. This stopped the misunderstanding of the orders and reports. Now its the politicians and lawyers to start thinking this way and then they would have less of a problem understanding each other.

Let your politicians and lawyers understand that you are also tired of this unapproved language that its use is to be stopped and revert to using the basic language of their country. If you agree with me, let me know and if we get enough supporters we can start our own Facebook or Tweet or what you think is best to let everyone in the world know that we are tired of this illegal language.

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The Dragon Is Awakening

World map showing countries by nominal GDP per...

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The world has been set back on it heals by the erosion of the economies of just about every country in the world. This includes the major nations to drop further and further into debt which requires them to borrow money from more well-off nations and international banks who then charge interest, as do all banks. And like banks they look at the worth of the country and their ability to pay back that which is owed. The more money a country borrows the more interest the bank (country) charges because their ability to pay back has been eroded by their inability to raise the amount required to pay the interest, let alone the money they borrowed.

Usually if a person ends up borrowing like the countries do they would have to go to a loan shark who’s interest rate is more that is legally allowable so the loan shark ends up owning just about everything the person owns. This is normally a result of gambling or just getting over their head in loans that they can’t pay back to the bank’s.

Countries do it another way. They loan the poor countries the money and when they can’t pay right away, they say “Well, you could let us import to your country without us paying any taxes and we will forget the interest for now.” Not forgetting about the primary loan which is still liable to interest the next day, week, month, year which keeps piling up. But the loaning country now has a huge export surplus which many countries see as a good thing. Forgetting that the loaning country is still holding the original loan that the borrowing country cannot pay as they no longer can manufacture the goods as cheaply as the borrower and so they end up deeper and deeper in debt.

This is what has happened to Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy in the European market and is happening to a number of other countries in Africa, Asia, South, Central, and Northern Americas.

What this is doing is changing the “playing field”. Most business in any country assume that they only have to compete against other businesses that are paying the same taxes for what they sell. Pay the same taxes for the goods that they import. Pay the same amount of rent without the government giving an advantage to people from other countries.

But this is what is happening in number of countries.

Because this large country at one time was not even on the playing field the governments of the world thought that they could give special “favors” to the “lost” country. This included that the “lost” country would not have to pay import taxes to get their goods into the country (It was assumed that the quality was too poor.) They also said that the people from the “lost” country could come into their country, start a new business with the local governments help. Also they would not have to pay taxes for 5 or so years on their income. Isn’t that nice of our governments?

What do those people do? Just before the 5 years is up they sell the business to their wife or son or daughter or brother or other family member and the business does not have to pay taxes for another 5 years.

In the meantime the big companies in the larger countries, start to create plants in this “lost” country and shift their manufacturing as the laborer’s are paid much less so the cost of the product is cheaper (there). But then the companies have to import the products into their own countries which was getting to be a pain so they came up with a new idea. We will change the way we calculate the worth of the country from only that which is produced within the country to include those manufacturing plants in other countries as part of the worth of their own country. How can they do that and still say that your country is making more money when the only one who makes any money is the “lost” country and the top management of the big companies.

This also allows the Management to be able to claim that the money made overseas is already paying taxes in the “lost” country so they don’t have to pay for any income made in the “lost” country. And now our government has lowered the taxes for these “poor” rich people who if they paid their share like it was when Clinton left office, the US would not have a tax deficit but would have a tax profit, which then could allow the country to lower the taxes for everyone, not just a particular group.

As you may have gathered from what is happening, the “lost” country has bought up over 20% of the worlds debt and in some countries its over the 50%. This means that they can put the squeeze of the countries to allow the special benefits remain in place or they will call in all of the debts.

I wonder what would happen if all the countries decided at the same time to ignore the payments on all their loans. Super Large Banks and the “lost” country would be in serious problems because of the lack of funds.

Something to think about. Don’t you think so?

most-favoured-nation treatment (MFN), also called normal trade relations, guarantee of trading opportunity equal to that accorded to the most-favoured nation; it is essentially a method of establishing equality of trading opportunity among states by making originally bilateral agreements multilateral. As a principle of public international law, it establishes the sovereign equality of states with respect to trading policy. As an instrument of economic policy, it provides a treaty basis for competitive international transactions.


gross domestic product (GDP), total market value of the goods and services produced by a nation’s economy during a specific period of time. It includes all final goods and services—that is, those that are produced by the economic resources in that nation regardless of their ownership and that are not resold in any form. GDP differs from gross national product (GNP), which is includes all final goods and services produced by resources owned by that nation’s residents, whether in the nation or elsewhere. In 1991 the United States substituted GDP for GNP as the main measure of economic output.

Macroeconomic models are constructed from a number of variables, including supply, output, …
[Credit: © 2005 By New Dimension Media. Copyright under International Copyright Union. All rights reserved under International and Universal Copyright Conventions by New Dimension Media.]

gross national product (GNP), total market value of the final goods and services produced by a nation’s economy during a specific period of time (usually a year), computed before allowance is made for the depreciation or consumption of capital used in the process of production. It is distinguished from net national product, which is computed after such an allowance is made. The GNP is nearly identical to gross domestic product (GDP) except that the latter does not include the income accruing to a nation’s residents from investments abroad (minus the income earned in the domestic economy accruing to non-nationals from abroad). Gross national product is a convenient indicator of the level of a nation’s economic activity. In 1991 the United States substituted GDP for GNP as its main measure of economic output.

gross national product – Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up)

National income accounting is a set of measures used to gauge the health of a nation’s economy for a given period. One of these measures is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The government uses GDP as the best indicator of economic health because it represents the total market value of all goods and services during a given year. Unlike the better-known Gross National Product (GNP), it omits income from overseas investment.

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