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Holiday Season

I started just 1 year ago as an outlet for my thoughts and let it grow from there. I alone am responsible for the contents and will take most of the credit and all the blame. I hope that all … Continue reading

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NASA’s New Massive Rocket

Manned asteroid flight seen for shuttle hybrid. By Mark K. Matthews, Tribune Washington Bureau NASA has made official its next vision for space travel by unveiling plans for a massive rocket it hopes could blast astronauts to an asteroid by … Continue reading

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What a Ride It’s Been

As a tribute to NASA‘s Space Shuttle Program, artist Brian Basset created this commemorative drawing depicting his characters, Red and Rover, racing alongside the space shuttle as it lands for the final time later this year. In 2004, Basset was honored … Continue reading

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Natures Watercolor Canvas

Even nature has a beauty that looks as though someone had painted the scene, instead of being natural. I received this from NASA and thought that it should be seen by more people. NASA has some of the most beautiful … Continue reading

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Governments, Retirement, And Planning Ahead

I have come to realize that too many governments are not trying to plan the future of their country. This, I believe, is a direct result of the politicians attempting to do their best for the time that they are … Continue reading

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To Build a Spacecraft

I believe that to build a spacecraft that would be able to travel to Mars and return, that it would have to be built in orbit around the earth. We do not have to propulsion system available yet, to propel … Continue reading

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